‘Optimising Ireland’s Oil and Gas Resources’, SIPTU, 2011.

‘The Great Gas Giveaway’, Afri, 2009.

‘The Great Corrib Gas Controversy’, Centre for Public Inquiry, 2005.

‘Independent safety review of the onshore section of the proposed Corrib Gas pipeline’, Advantica, 2006.

Economist and author Colm Rapple’s website. Includes an archive of his articles about ‘The great oil and gas giveaway’:

Petroleum Affairs Division (of Ireland’s Department of Energy and Natural Resources):

Norwegian Petroleum Directorate. Excellent facts and figures about how Norway manages its oil and gas:

Information about the Corrib Gas project:

Shell to Sea campaign

Dublin Shell to Sea campaign

Indymedia Ireland. Network of collectively run media outlets:

A site that scrutinises the operations of Shell’s global operations:

Green Gold Ireland

‘The Pipe’. Ó Domhnaill, R. TG4, 2011. DVD:

‘Gasland’. Fox, J. International WOW Company, 2010. DVD:

‘Pipe Down’. Cian, O. 2009. Online:

Lorna Siggins, ‘Once upon a time in the West’, Transworld Ireland, 2010:

Michael McCaughan, ‘Price of our souls: Gas, Shell and Ireland’, Afri, 2007:

‘Our Story: the Rossport Five’, Small World Media, 2007’:

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  1. Frank says:

    For three years now I have been highlighting the energy resources and mineral resources which belong to the Irish Nation on my website which contains information about some of our resources. However what some seem to have missed is that from 2013 under the terms of the Lisbon Treaty, Europe gains “Joint Competence” in the area of energy management within the Irish Republic and our exclusive economic zone, which encompasses 24% of the European Continental Shelf. Perhaps you should highlight the above facts.

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